The Daily Caveat is Going on an Extended Hiatus

It has been a wonderful uninterrupted run for The Daily Caveat.  It many ways this site was ahead of its time.  I’ve watched a thriving business-legal-scandal blogosphere blossom all around and the emergence of a whole new world of social media since TDC our humble start back in 2005.  

At the time blogs were still new to most and the internet’s ecosystem of content curators was just emerging. Huffington Post, for one, wouldn’t launch until several months after The Daily Caveat.  Facebook hadn’t yet broken out of universities, Twitter was a year away, as was Google’s purchase of YouTube. it was a wholly different landscape.

Frankly The Daily Caveat lasted long after it should have - years after my career veered far away from the corporate investigations practice and founding of Caveat Research that gave it a reason for being. But I held on, first out of accumulated interest and then out of fondness.

I learned so much creating this site - and made scads of mistakes along the way - that it was hard to let go of the habit.  But the time has come for, at least, a hiatus.  A wonderful new job opportunity has made writing The Daily Caveat impossible for the foreseeable future.

It won’t go away entirely but, as has been the case over the last few months, there will be few long form articles and more quick links.  The @dailycaveat Twitter account will run the show most of the time, with that content cross-posted for the convenience of my Tumblr readers.

I’m inestimably proud of the work I’ve done here.  Thousands of posts, and what feels like millions and millions of words.  And I’m even more excited of the new challenges that are in front of me.  Thanks for reading.  I know many of you have been following from the start.

See you around.


Posted 8/1/12 @ 11:37 PM #